FSB wants to see a good pro-business deal reached with the EU. We firmly believe this will be in the best interests of smaller businesses in both the UK and the EU. However, with the day on which the UK exits the EU fast approaching, we have a responsibility to help our smaller businesses:

a) Understand the Withdrawal Agreement including EU Commission and UK Government ‘backstop’ propositions to avoid a hard border on the Island of Ireland;

b) Understand the range of ‘end state’ scenarios that are possible including;

  • No deal (with no transition period)
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
  • Association Agreement (Chequers)
  • European Economic Area (EEA)
  • European Free Trade Association (EFTA) / Switzerland

c) Prepare for the scenario that would cause the most disruption to the business continuity of small       businesses in the short to medium term.

This document is not intended to make a judgement about the medium to longer term risks and opportunities of each Brexit scenario described.

More information about the preparation pack and associated documents can be found on the FSB website.