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Support – Getting it right for you and your business

Looking to start a business? Expand or relocate to Horsham District? No matter what support you’re looking for, Think Horsham District can provide the knowledge you need to grow your business.

Commercial Premises

Search for your perfect business location through our partners and realise your business potential. Whether you're a company looking to expand or a small enterprise moving to your first premises, find the best match for your business.

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Finding enough funds for your business can always be tricky but it's not impossible. Search through our list of capital providers for a finance package to suit your company and help you secure a successful future for your business.

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Networking and support

Looking for advice on running a business? How to take it to the next level? Business networking groups offer the perfect opportunity to meet with like minded businesses which can help you to get your business moving forward.

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Think Horsham District works in partnership with other organisations to achieve our shared goals of bringing economic prosperity. By working in partnership we're able to continue to move towards the collective goal.

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Employment and skills

Key to the success of a business is the ability to employ highly skilled capable workers. Horsham District has the necessary workforce to support and satisfy the employment needs of virtually all businesses.

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Think Horsham District is committed to improving the delivery of services. Access to the right services at the right time can make all the difference to a business in reaching its full potential. Take a look through here.

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