Skills fit for businesses

Horsham District has a reputation for top performing schools and colleges and a highly qualified workforce, which provides a firm foundation on which to build your business. More than half of those employed are in managerial or professional roles and, mixed with the quality of life Horsham District offers, this means a stable and committed workforce. If you bring the jobs, Horsham District has the people to fill them.

The District has a strong entrepreneurial culture, with nearly 20% of the resident workforce running their own business.

Education and engagement with employers

Horsham District is within easy reach of higher education providers, with top-performing universities just across the borders in Brighton, Surrey and Chichester.

Horsham District is home to many outstanding schools both public and private which includes the famous Christ’s Hospital School. The schools in the District ensure that businesses have the opportunity to tap into the top talent of the future. Engagement between schools, colleges and our employers is vital to maintaining a strong economy. Building these links between business and education ensures a steady flow of young, qualified workers for businesses: we help to organise and facilitate these engagements.

Recruitment support

We provide opportunities for our businesses to source local talent by organising regular jobs & skills and apprenticeship fairs. We also partner with many locally based recruitment companies and the local Jobcentre Plus. Furthermore, businesses can take advantage of our Journey to Work programme which can be a useful mechanism to find employees.

Low Unemployment

Unemployment in the District is traditionally low, and we do everything to help those that find it harder to get sustained work. We provide our own employability support programmes to help local people find the work they want and to help your business find the right people for your workforce.

Training organisations

We are here to help you up-skill your workforce. The Team has a vast knowledge of training providers and can introduce you to over 100 members, including local and national organisations both private and public sector, which can offer apprenticeships, work-based training and business training. Within these organisations, there are dozens of courses your business can access for staff development, many of these free and easily accessible. Further information on the training providers can be found through Sussex Council of Training Providers or we can put you in touch with our training partners.


We have recently started our own significant apprenticeship programme and as a business support team we have been promoting apprenticeships to our businesses through events and engagement on a day-to-day basis. Apprenticeships are an integral ingredient of today’s working environment and we can provide support to your business in developing your own apprenticeship programme.

For employment, skills and training support please contact us.