Getting it right for you

In order to continue growing, businesses have a requirement for services designed to meet their individual needs. Knowing what the next steps are for continuing progress can be difficult; this is where seeking the assistance of other organisations can help. Take a look through some of the services tailored towards helping your business grow and develop below; we’re looking forward to helping you reach your goals.

Services geared for business growth

Our Team can guide you through the variety of business services available and help you to get the most out of your business. We will work with you to understand your requirements and help connect you to the right people in the right service. The Business Services that we can offer are free of charge and completely confidential. We’re able to offer help on the following:

  • Business Rates – You’ll find information on business rates, exemptions and ways to pay. If you are looking to move premises you can also enquire about rates of the properties your are interested in.
  • Planning – Find information on making a planning application to Horsham District Council or comment on existing applications. Further information about policies and frameworks can also be found here.
  • Property – Looking for information on available properties in Horsham District? You can find out more on property here and also information on council owned and managed properties.
  • Environmental Health  – Need to know about environmental regulations for running a business? Help with pest control or any other environmental matter? We can give the right service to you.
  • Licensing – Running a taxi firm? Keeping animals? Or looking at selling Alcohol? All the licensing information and ways to apply you’ll need can be found here.
  • Economic Development – Tailored business support can be found here, with information on skills and workforce, funding, economic strategies as well as many other areas.
  • Business Directory – Add your business to the list of Horsham District companies.

Can’t find the service you need? Contact the team here and let us help you with your service enquiry. We are here to help your business to be a success.

Other agencies

There are additional agencies that are able to offer services support to you and your business which you may find useful.

  • West Sussex County Council can offer a range of services for the development of businesses.
  • can provide relevant services and information to businesses of any size.