Horsham District – 21 reasons

Horsham District has much to offer businesses, whether you are looking to move here or are already within the area. Explore the District through 21 of the top reasons why Horsham District makes business sense.

Investment opportunities

Because of the business potential of the area, Horsham District continues to see investment in commercial properties and district-wide improvements, such as the sites of Novartis, Piries Place and North Horsham.

Economic Profile

Horsham District has many strong economic traits, with most residents in employment or self-employed. For multiple indices of deprivation, Horsham District ranks very low being 302 out of 326 local authorities.


Why Horsham District is the perfect location for business The position of Horsham District makes it a very desirable location for businesses. The District is 25 miles from Brighton and 45 miles from London. It is also located at the heart of the Gatwick Diamond, giving businesses the opportunity to capitalise on international trade. A [...]