Securing the economy

Horsham District continues to be a popular destination for business relocation. The District can provided businesses excellent opportunities to invest to ensure future growth. The Economic Strategy aims to achieve long term prosperity and resilience by identifying key areas for development.

Priority 1: Inward Investment

Securing economic growth and inward investment will, in part, be dependent on businesses and investors believing in the potential of Horsham’s economic locations. In the short term this will focus on the offer provided by North Horsham and Novartis, two key areas being;

1. Attract new companies as part of strategic site development,
2. Promote the District as a place to invest.

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Priority 2: Enterprise

We will continue to assist our businesses to become more productive and resilient to support long-term economic growth. Businesses continue to express their desire to remain within the District and many anticipate growth and expansion in the future. It is essential that the District offers a range of quality commercial floor space to ensure businesses have the opportunity to grow and remain here.

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Priority 3: Skills and Employment

Horsham’s priority for skills and employment is to develop the skills that will be needed in the future and find supportive ways of providing skills and employment opportunities to those who are finding it difficult to get jobs. Businesses have identified a need for employees with STEM skills due to the fact that there is a growing demand for these skilled workers in innovative and emerging sectors.

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Priority 4: Infrastructure

Infrastructure is vital to the continuing economic growth of the District. This is true of transport infrastructure, commercial infrastructure and digital infrastructure. There needs to be active support to enable improved access to higher speed broadband and mobile coverage across all areas of the District. This links to priority 1 and 2 in ensuring that the infrastructure improvements needed to deliver strategic sites are secured.

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Priority 5: Promoting the District Offer

It is important that not only should we celebrate and promote the distinctiveness of the area but we should also build on the strengths and ensure that we secure a vibrant visitor economy. Key to our visitor offer is the quality and quantity of places that attract people to the area. In order to develop this sector further, a Visitor Economy Strategy and visual identity have been created in order to continue to strengthen the visitor economy within Horsham District.

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Full Economic Strategy Document

For the complete Economic Strategy 2017-2027, click on the presentation below. Alternatively, you can view a pdf version here. If you have any questions about the strategy and the main priorities contact the team here.