Key sectors

Horsham District is home to a wide range of businesses, and every sector is welcome here. We know how important it is when choosing a base for your organisation that you know what other businesses are close by. Here's a guide to the key sectors in Horsham District.

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Creative and digital

A number of well-known gaming and software companies are based in Horsham District, and there's a thriving digital community supported by local networking groups.

A metal piece of manufacturing machinery


Manufacturing businesses in Horsham District have access to spacious premises and good road links. The businesses we have here are fine examples of civil engineering and technological innovation.

A blue gloved hand moves a glass vial in a lab

Health and life sciences

Businesses of all sizes in this sector are based in Horsham District - including multinational headquarters. Specialisms include medical technologies, clinical research and consultancy.

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Professional and technical services

Horsham District is home to several large-scale employers in this field. Businesses in this sector span financial services, consultancy and business management, and technical innovation.

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Food and drink

Brewers, vineyards, drinks producers and foodies are all supported in Horsham District by a fantastic network of farm shops and promotional partnerships.

Small businesses

Just over 87% of all Horsham District businesses employ less than 9 people. The District has a fantastic one-year small-business survival rate of 91.3%, the second highest in West Sussex.

Small business Saturday

Who else is here?

As well as the key sectors above, the following large-scale employers have established their bases here:

And just north of Horsham, Thales and Nestle are based in Crawley with close proximity to Gatwick Airport.